Powerful relics of the first age, artifacts are items imbued with the ability to shape essence and create magical effects. Most are made from the five magical materials: jade, starmetal, moonsilver, soulsteel and orichalcum. Use these artifacts in your games, or get an idea of how to make your own based on the creation notes here.

Note: I use the American spelling "artifact" throughout this site, to remain in keeping with the spelling used in official material. The correct UK/Australian English spelling, "artefact," now looks weird to me...

Weapons and Armour
Blizzard Chakram: A weapon of ice and wind, the Blizzard Chakram deals frozen death before returning to the hand of the wielder. Created by guybrush.

Talons of Inevitability: Simple but wicked Soulsteel daggers. Created by guybrush.

Wishing Staff: An iron quarterstaff with the ability to shrink or grow at the owner's whim; another piece of Journey to the West inspired mayhem. Created by guybrush.

Clothing and Jewelry
Circlet of Humility: A circlet designed to punish those who are selfish and boastful, but it is not without its benefits... A final nod to Journey to the West. Created by guybrush.

Friendship Necklace: A simple but valuable gift to exchange with friends. Created by ikselam.

Night's Bandana: A deceptively magical piece of material. Created by jabberwock.

Relics of the First Age
Anathema-Binding Shackles:
A powerful weapon that can even the odds against the Anathema. Created by OnyxMirror.

Other Items
Coins of Favour: Small magical coins denoting favour from the gods. A collection of artifacts created by guybrush.

Collapsible Tent: The ultimate in enchanted camping gear. Created by ikselam.

Knife of Superior Utility: A Moonsilver blade with a variety of uses. Created by ikselam.

Watchful Drum: A magical drum which will do more than lull you to sleep. Created by jabberwock.