Blizzard Chakrams (Artifact )
by guybrush

Crafted from blue jade, these razor-sharp rings are attuned with the air, allowing them to saor far greater distances and with far greater accuracy than ordinary metal chakrams. Freezing cold to the touch, Blizzard Chakrams leave a faint trail of ice crystals in their wake. They are commonly crafted for Air-Aspected Dragon-Blooded and decorated with depictions of Mela, Immaculate Dragon of Air. Most Immaculate monks walking the Path of Air do not use these weapons, preferring the Infinite Jade Chakram. [See the Exalted: the Dragon-Blooded errata for details of this weapon.]

A simple set of thrown artifact weapons, Blizzard chakrams are nonetheless potent enough. Attuned for a cost of 3 Essence, these 3 chakrams will return to the wielder after an attack unless something prevents them from doing so. [See the Artifact Creation Errata, hosted on the Exalted Wiki, for details of this power.]

Like normal chakrams, the Blizzard Chakrams are not designed for hand-to-hand combat, and do not have melee stats.

Name Accuracy Damage Rate Range Artifact Minimums
Blizzard Chakram +4 +3L 3 40 None

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