Coins of Favour (Artifact )
by guybrush

This artifact may represent multiple coins, depending on the type of material involved. Coins of Favour are decorated with two different stylised representations of the god associated with the material, easily identifiable as heads and tails. Coins of Favour have a large variety of different names and come in various sizes. They are rarely larger than an egg, as they are always made from pure material of the appropriate type.

All Coins of Favour are capable of being charged with a mote of committed essence to make them simple but potent weapons; fired from a slingshot or other suitable launching device, a coin so charged deals a base of 1L damage, plus any material bonus for damage or accuracy.

In addition, each type of coin has a unique power, usually activated by committing the single mote of essence for each coin used for the duration of the effect. The effects of multiple coins do not stack unless noted otherwise.

Orichalcum: Orichalcum coins, usually found singly, may reflect the light of the Unconquered Sun even in the darkest places, revealing the truth of what is placed before his judgement. A Coin of Solar Favour will provide light as though from the caste mark of a Solar who has spent 4-7 motes of peripheral essence. This light has the additional property of revealing impurities in any precious metals placed before it, which appear as black spots or swirls. This property may be used on quantities of the five magical materials.

Moonsilver: Moonsilver coins are deceptive and illusory, just like their masters, and are relatively common near Wyld areas. Coins of Lunar Favour can be made to appear as any other coin the owner wishes to anyone who views it; this power may be used on a single coin for 1 mote, or the coin and all others in a bag (moonsilver or not) for 5 motes. When the sun next crosses the horizon, however, the coin will appear worthless, regardless of its true appearance. Once the sun again crosses the horizon, the coin will return to its normal state. Lunars may be fond of tricks, but they are no more fond like of losing their valuables than anyone else.

Jade: Coins of Dragon's Favour come in all colours of the precious material. They are most often encountered in bags of five, one of each colour, bearing likenesses of the five elemental dragons, and are the preferred means of repaying elementals who have given one assistance. When charged with committed essence, the coins bring elemental harmony to the bearer, making travel and other tasks requiring interaction with the coin's corresponding element easier: branches and thorns stay out of the character's way, they will find they get less wet if caught in the rain, have less trouble lighting fires etc. Multiple coins may be used to promote harmony with multiple elements.

Starmetal: Coins of Celestial Favour are exceptionally rare, exceptionally lucky, and almost always found singly. When charged with essence, a Coin of Celestial Favour may be flipped to resolve a simple question of fate, and will indicate the most favourable of the two possiblities provided by the user. Coins of Celestial Favour cannot answer questions of fact; a character may state, "Heads I shall take the east road, tails the north," but not "Heads Resplendent Jade murdered the Terrestrial Captain, tails she did not." For this power to work, the coin must be flipped into the air and allowed to land on the ground; if a question is too specific, or if neither possibility is meaningfully preferable, the coin will land on its edge. Whether a question is appropriate for the coin to answer is at the Storyteller's discretion.

Soulsteel: Coins of Abyssal Favour are disturbingly common among Deathknights, and always come in pairs or threes. Charged with essence, these black coins may be placed upon the eyes and tongue of a dead mortal to prevent the spirit within moving on. The owner of the coins may then command the ghost to relive one key scene from its life, imparting the experience to the owner. If the user has only placed coins on the corpse's eyes, then the sensation is visual only; if a third is placed on the tongue, then voices may be heard, but no other sounds. This power may only be used once for any given corpse, and afterwards the body will always produce a hungry ghost, tormented by the recent memory of its life and unwilling to leave Creation.

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