Talons of Inevitability (Artifact )
by guybrush

This pair of wickedly curved and balanced long daggers were a gift to the Valeyard Obsidian from his master. He wields them without pity, and named them in mocking tribute to the inevitable justice he metes out with their blades.

The Talons of Inevitability are Soulsteel daggers, balanced for throwing but with long curved single-edged blades. They have no special powers, but are far superior to simpler throwing daggers. It costs 4 motes to attune the pair of blades.

Name Accuracy Damage Rate Range Artifact Minimums
Talons of Inevitability (thrown) +4 +4L 2 30 D
Including Soulsteel bonuses:
+6 +4L 2 30 D

Name Speed Accuracy Damage Defence Artifact Minimums
Talons of Inevitability (melee) +3 +4 +4L +1 D
Including Soulsteel bonuses:
+3 +5 +4L +1 D

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