The Valeyard Obsidian

There was once in Lookshy a mortal defender, a believer in justice, who fought tirelessly for the rights of the downtrodden. Abhorring the death penalty for any crime short of rape or murder, he worked for years to protect the rights of those who found themselves with no chance to survive but to break the law. But over the years, he found himself saving less and less people who sought redemption, saving the same criminals from the noose again and again as they repeated their offenses and got off with a beating.

He secretly began to feel that the majority of people in the world were not worthy of life, that those who broke laws or wasted their lives were not really worth fighting for. His success rate suffered, and it was when he failed to defend a thief from being hanged that he knew he was right: the thief broke free of the court guards and stabbed him.

In that moment, between dying and not dying, a vision came to him of a dark woman offering him the chance to truly judge who was worthy and who was not. He accepted.

Now he is the Moonshadow known as the Valeyard Obsidian, and he carries his judgement across Creation, bartering for the lives of the worthless so that he may dispatch them into Oblivion. He pretends to have criteria, but in divine communion with the Whispers of the Abyss, he finally understands: no-one and nothing is truly worthy of existence. Creation was a grand experiment that failed, and now it is time to clear up the mess left behind.


Nature: Judge

Caste: Moonshadow

Anima: When his anima become iconic, a great swirling vortex of black opens behind the Valeyard, terrifying to mortal and Exalt alike. Some who have been brave enough to look claim they have seen an immense pair of eyes, cold and terrible, in the middle of that void.

Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2, Charisma 2, Manipulation 4, Appearance 3, Perception 5, Intelligence 3, Wits 3

Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction 4, Temperance 4, Valour 2

Abilities: Awareness 4, Bureaucracy 3, Endurance 1, Investigation 2, Linguistics 3, Lore 3 (Laws +2), Martial Arts 1, Melee 3 (Paired Knives +2), Occult 1, Performance 1, Presence 2, Ride 1, Sail 1, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Thrown 3 (Knives +2)

Backgrounds: Artifacts 2 (Talons of Inevitability, Soulsteel Armour), Whispers 4

Charms: Blade Summoning Gesture, Elegant Flowing Deflection, Essence Engorgement Technique, Fivefold Sensory Exercise, Furious Blade, Hungry Missile Technique, Incomparable Assassin Method, Ominous Portent Method, Ox-Body Technique (-1, -2x2), Slashing Ghost Talon

Base Initiative: 6

Punch: Speed 6 Accuracy 4 Damage 2B Defence 4
Kick: Speed 3 Accuracy 3 Damage 4B Defence 3
Talons of Inevitability (thrown): Accuracy 14 Damage 6L Rate 2 Range 30
Talons of Inevitability (melee): Speed 9 Accuracy 13 Damage 6L Defence 9

Dodge Pool: 3 Soak: L/B (type)

Willpower: Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap

Essence: 2

Personal Essence: 14 Peripheral Essence: 33 Blood Feast: 10

Other Notes: The Valeyard nominally judges those deemed unworthy by his Mistress; effectively he is her executioner. His high Whispers background, however, means that in truth he is an agent of the Malfeans, and will obey their wishes above those of the Deathlord who Exalted him. So far he has kept this a secret, as the agendas have not obviously conflicted; how long this can continue is anyone's guess.

The Valeyard commonly uses his Anima ability to seal oaths to ensure that his sentences are carried out or that promises to let him try a criminal are kept. While he does not currently know any Charms of other Exalts, he would seize any opportunity to learn powers which would let him detect criminals or affect gods - it is not only mortals who are unworthy of existence.

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