A collection of characters for Exalted; use them for inspiration, or drop them straight into your own campaign. All stats are written in the format made standard by the Exalted books, and new artifacts, charms and so on can be found in the relevant sections here at Edge of Creation.

The Chosen
Solar Exalted
Masaaki: A Zenith caste wandering sage; inspiration is drawn heavily from Wu Chen's Journey to the West and its Japanese dramatisation, Monkey. Created by Guybrush.

Abyssal Exalted
The Valeyard Obsidian: A former lawman gone...well, dead crazy. Created by Guybrush.

The Dragon-Blooded
Ledaal Kebok Raijuu: A magistrate and noble, Raijuu is an ally of noble Solars and a sworn enemy of Deathknights. Guybrush's own player character.

Ledaal Kebok Elena: Older sister of Guybrush's PC, Ledaal Kebok Raijuu, Elena is a willful soldier who enjoys life's pleasures.

Ledaal Kebok Ice-Petal: Raijuu's younger sister, Ice-Petal is a sorceress with a liking for elementals.