Ledaal Kebok Raijuu
Raijuu was the middle child of his family, born with distinctive caste markings; his hair was white and grew long, his skin a pale blue like the sky just before storm clouds gather. As a young Exalt of breeding, he was surrounded by light winds like many of his Aspect, but that all changed when, at his parents' behest, he undertook a sacred pilgrimage in a tradition long forgotten from the First Age. According to his father, powerful Dragon-Bloods had once journeyed to the elemental pole of their Aspect, there to pray and seek a blessing and guidance from their patron, their Elemental Dragon. This was done before finally choosing a path in life, in order to be sure that one's choice was in accordance with the Dragon's wishes. Raijuu's parents encouraged him to go before making his final decision on which secondary school to attend; he was still unsure whether he would be better suited to the Spiral Academy or the Heptagram, as both offered him great potential to fulfil what he saw as his purpose and help the people of the Realm.

Raijuu travelled far into the North, braving snow and ice, until he could go no further; he sank to his knees and, watched by the retainer his family had sent to accompany him, he offered up prayers to the great Dragon. After four days and nights, he was granted a vision - not of sorecerous feats or intellectual applications, but of wrath and fury. Lightning lanced down from the heavens, channeling through Raijuu, altering both he and his Daiklave. Unable to deny the message the Dragon had sent hime - that he was to be an avatar for the righteous fury of Air - Raijuu chose the only martial path he could think of which would allow him to truly serve the people of the Realm - he became the first Dynast to volunteer for service as a Magistrate.

Passing out of the House of Bells with repsect if not reknown, Raijuu spent ten years in the service of the Empress, saving villages of the Threshold from the tyranny of little gods and rooting out corruption, crime and greed. Though this exposure to the worst the Realm had to offer made him less than comfortable with many of the ideals of the Immaculate Order, he continued to do his duty as best he could, even after the Empress's disappearance. Many in the Threshold owe their lives to him, and he always has a friendly reception in the cities of Rubylak, Cherak and - until recently - Thorns. He also managed to befriend one of the Magistrates of the east, the outcaste Gleaming Bronze, and the two would occasionally work together or aid each other.

But recently, on a trip to Chirascuro, Raijuu has made some friends who have changed his outlook on the world, and his life, forever: a Circle of Anathema. A reluctant ally and even prisoner of these demons for a time, Raijuu has come to believe that he can do more good guiding their foul powers than attempting to destroy them - and he has no illusions about his ability to fight his new allies. With the Anathema (or Solar Exalted, as they style themselves) posing as his Archons, Raijuu has done much good, including the seemingly impossible: the utter destruction of a Deathlord. Raijuu has heard from the Anathema heresies he never imagined and, unable to explain their seeming care for the mortals of Creation, almost begins to believe their story of being Chosen by the Unconquered Sun. He has even been persuaded to believe in the curse that made one of his companions slay a Cynis sorceror in his bed, and continues to work alongside them.


Nature: Caregiver

Aspect: Air

Anima: Forever transformed by his experience in the North, Raijuu's elemental anima now manifests as lightning. At low levels, the occasional spark arcs off his skin, but at high levels he becomes the centre of an electrical storm, his skin crackles with power, and his eyes glow an intense blue.

Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3, Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Perception 4, Intelligence 3, Wits 3

Virtues: Compassion 4, Conviction 2, Temperance 2, Valour 3

The Great Curse: Like the lightning he so often channels, Raijuu will streak out like a thunderbolt to strike down those who fail to show kindness or responsibilty for their actions.

Abilities: Archery 2, Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Bureaucracy 1, Dodge 1, Endurance 2, Investigation 4, Linguistics 3 (Native: High Realm; Old Realm, Riverspeak, Flametongue), Lore 4 (The First Age +1, Deathlords +1), Martial Arts 2, Medicine 1, Melee 4, Occult 3, Performance 1, Presence 2, Ride 2, Socialize 2, Survival 1, Stealth 2, Thrown 3

Backgrounds: Artifact 3 (Thunderchild, Blue Jade Hearthstone Bracers, Blue Jade Breastplate), Breeding 4, Connections (Magistrates) 1, Connections (Threshold) 3, Manse 2 (Gem of Surface Thoughts, Stone of Quick Thought, Gem of Passion)

Charms: Dragon-Graced Weapon, Elemental Concentration Trance, Elemental Bolt Attack, Feeling The Air Technique, Ghost-Fire Blade, Ox-Body Technique, Precise Observation Method, Seeking Throw Technique, Spirit-Detecting Mirror Technique

Base Initiative: 8 (6, +2 for Jade Hearthstone Bracers)

Punch: Speed 8 Accuracy 5 Damage 3B Defence 6
Kick: Speed 5 Accuracy 5 Damage 5B Defence 5
Thunderchild: Speed 14 Accuracy 10 Damage 6L Defence 10
Elemental Bolt: Accuracy 10 Damage 2L-6L* Rate 1 Range 60
Throwing Baton: Accuracy 8 Damage 6B Rate 2 Range 10

* Damage is 2L per mote spent on this Charm, to a maximum of 6L.

Dodge Pool: Soak: 7L/7B (6/4 Jade Breastplate)

Willpower: Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap

Essence: 3

Personal Essence: 14 Peripheral Essence: 33

Other Notes: Thunderchild has not been used by another Dragon-Blood since its change in the far North. Raijuu's mother has speculated that it might not perform its special function for another, and also that it may manifest other powers if the Azure Dragon deems him worthy. Raijuu generally has the Gem of Quick Thought socketed into Thunderchild, granting him an additional die on Dexterity and Wits based actions; his attack stats include this bonus.

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