Ledaal Kebok Elena
The Household of Ledaal Kebok Donal and her husband, Cathak Garel Masai, was never going to be less than extraordinary. Not only were both parents of high breeding and exceptional talent, but they married for love and stayed together despite derision from members of both families. Unsurprisingly, Donal and Masai's offspring are also a little extraordinary, each in their own way...

The couple's eldest child, Elena, exalted to her father's Aspect. A willful child, it took much discipline to force her to tow the family line; it was clear from the outset that Elena, unlike either of her parents, was not suited for a life of intellectual pursuits. She was stunningly beautiful, even when young, and quickly learned to enjoy flirting with her classmates. However, she found she enjoyed beating them in duels even more - especially if she could flirt with them at the same time.

A graduate of the House of Bells, Elena was almost expelled twice for inappropriate liaisons with other students that could not be swept under the carpet. Cathak Garel Timon, cousin of Elena's father, saw something of himself in his niece. In his capacity as an instructor at the House of Bells he did much to ensure her success - including much additional tutelage. Elena's father was grateful, as he had despaired of making his daughter into anything but a difficult wife; thanks to Timon's influence, Masai was able to secure her a place among the honour guard of a high-ranking Ledaal noble.

Despite her strict upbringing and schooling, Elena is still a creature of desires rather than of needs. She seeks to enjoy life, and sees most things in terms of how they can assist her in this goal. She enjoys her position as a guard captain because she can order people around, and when her charge is secure at home, Elena takes her Scale on adventures beyond the Isle. She has had many of her subordinates as lovers, and enjoys playing them off one another in a battle for her affections. Should they get too serious, however, she replaces them; few stay under her command for any length of time, though one young officer has stayed with Elena for three years.

Elena looks forward to battle, and has participated in a number of Wyld Hunts in the last decade. With her Uncle's further guidance, she has become a powerful soldier. She has gained little of her parent's restraint or subtlety, and has failed to keep many of her less honourable exploits quiet; her reputation within both her Household and her Uncle's is of a fiery beauty with a temper to match.

Despite her Uncle's advice, Elena has concentrated on her own combat ability, using her subordinates as backup rather than coordinating her own attacks with theirs. Her daiklave and armour were a graduation gift from her father, and are of modern Realm manufacture specially commissioned for her. She has not yet bothered to name her weapon, referring to it simply as "mine," though she considers the gifts her most precious possessions. Neither has any special powers - other than looking good when she wears them, of course.


Nature: Hedonist

Aspect: Fire

Anima: Elena exemplifies her Aspect, manifesting her aura as a blazing bonfire. At lower levels, her hair appears to be made of flame; at higher levels, her whole form is consumed with fire. The flames dance gaily in an almost hypnotic fashion, and seem to be having as much fun as Elena.

Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3, Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 4, Perception 2, Intelligence 2, Wits 3

Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 3, Temperance 1, Valour 4

The Great Curse: When Elena's elemental nature comes to the fore, she grasps for whatever she wants at that moment and lets nothing stand in her way, consuming whatever she desires like a hungry flame and burning those who would try to stop her.

Abilities: Archery 4, Athletics 3, Awareness 2, Dodge 4, Endurance 3, Larceny 1, Lore 2, Martial Arts 4, Medicine 1, Melee 5 (Swords +2), Performance 2, Presence 3, Ride 3, Sail 1, Socialize 2, Survival 2

Backgrounds: Artifacts 3 (Reinforced Red Jade Breastplate, Red Jade Daiklave, Jade Hearthstone Amulet), Backing 2 (House Ledaal), Breeding 4, Command 2 (25 of House Ledaal's Elite Guards), Manse 2 (Gem of Night Vision, Gem of Seduction, Stone of Quick Thought), Mentor 3 (Cathak Garel Timon), Reputation 1, Resources 3

Charms: Deadly Wildfire Legion, Five-Dragon Claw, Five-Dragon-Force Blow, Five-Dragon Fortitude, Hopping Firecracker Evasion, Ox-Body Technique x 2, Portentous Comet Deflecting Mode, Ringing Anvil Onslaught, Spring Follows Winter, Stoking Bonfire Style, Swallows Defend the Nest, Threshing Floor Technique, Threshold Warding Stance

Flaming Burst Strike
(Five-Dragon Claw, Five-Dragon-Force Blow): Licks of flame surround Elena's hands as she prepares to strike, exploding when the blow is landed, burning her foe and knocking them to the ground. Cost: 4 motes, 1 willpower (includes elemental surcharge)
Furious Spark (Stoking-Bonfire Style, Ringing Anvil Onslaught): Elena's weapon glows red as the blade heats up, swinging quicker than the eye can follow to unerringly strike her opponents. With each blow comes the ringing of steel on iron, and red sparks leap from any armour or weapons she hits. Cost: 9-32 motes, 1 willpower (cost varies according to number of extra dice bought and number of extra attacks rolled)

Base Initiative: 7

Punch: Speed 7 Accuracy 8 Damage 4B Defence 8
Kick: Speed 4 Accuracy 7 Damage 6B Defence 7
Daiklave: Speed 13 Accuracy 13 Damage 9L Defence 13
Long Bow (Broadhead arrows): Accuracy 8 Damage 6L Rate 3 Range 200
Long Bow (Frog-crotch arrows): Accuracy 8 Damage 8L Rate 3 Range 200 (Target's lethal soak is doubled)

Dodge Pool: 8 Soak: 11L/12B (Reinforced Jade Breastplate 10/9)

Willpower: 7 Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap

Essence: 3

Personal Essence: 14 Peripheral Essence: 33

Other Notes: Both Flaming Burst Strike and Furious Spark were taught to Elena by her uncle. Unlike many Exalted, Elena sees little point to developing her own unique Combos when her Uncle can teach her far superior ones. Elena has spent 118 experience points.

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