Collapsible Tent (Artifact )
by ikselam

In its inactive form, a collapsible tent resembles nothing so much as a white brick. Closer examination will reveal that it is not composed of clay, but rather thin cloth folded and compressed until it is as hard as stone. No amount of effort will cause the brick to "unravel"; the cloth is glued together somehow, and is composed of an extremely durable, glass-like substance (spun adamant).

However, when a single mote is committed to the brick, it immediately unfurls, expanding and inflating in a billowing mass of white cloth before stiffening into an extremely lightweight, but quite durable, tent. The tent is fully waterproof and fireproof, and is large enough for two people if they don't mind a very cozy fit. It is advisable to fasten the tent securely to the ground (it is equipped with various ropes and loops, but actual tent pegs must be supplied by the user), as even light winds can blow it away fairly easily.

As soon as the mote is decommitted, the tent folds back up into brick form. If someone or something happens to be inside the tent when this occurs, they aren't crushed, but do end up encased in a very snug and durable cloth cocoon (level 8 feat of strength to break out).

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