Circlet of Humility (Artifact )
by guybrush

Designed in part as punishment for the same Solar who stole Sekiru's magic wishing staff, this circlet is as much a curse as it is useful. A simple ring of orichalcum with a single hearthstone setting worn on the forehead, the circlet has no additional effect on a wearer whose Temperance is at least 3. Once a wearer with lower Temperance has committed the 2 motes of essence required to activate the circlet's powers, he cannot remove the circlet, but is granted an effective Temperance of 3, giving all the benefits and penalties of such a score except as noted below.

The wearer's true Temperance score is used to calculate his essence pool and Willpower, and he may not spend Willpower to suppress urges springing from his higher Temperance score. The wearer is aware that the circlet compels him to act in certain ways, and may attempt to fight its influence; in response, the circlet tightens around the character's head for as long as he acts contrary to his increased Temperance, giving him a -2 penalty to all dice pools from the intense pain.

Finally, when adding Temperance dice to rolls, the wearer may use his effective score of 3 and is not required to pay a point of willpower to do so. This is the circlet's form of positive reinforcement.

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