Knife of Superior Utility (Artifact )
by ikselam

This artifact consists of a plain ironwood hilt with a moonsilver blade attached to one end, and a steel pommel ring (just the right size for a man's index finger to fit through) attached to the other. Pulling firmly on the ring causes it to pop out slightly, freeing it to be rotated. When the ring is pushed back into the locked position, the blade deforms into a new, useful shape. The pommel has a total of ten positions, each marked with a notch on the end of the hilt. The Knife of Superior Utility requires a commitment of one mote if it is to be used as anything other than a knife.

The Knife of Superior Utility can assume the following forms:
- a knife. (Normal stats, does not receive moonsilver bonus.)
- a razor. (Needs no sharpening.)
- a hook disgorger.
- a trowel.
- a large spoon.
- a hand mirror.
- a hammer.
- a small prybar. (+1 to effective Strength when attempting to pry things open.)
- a pair of shears.
- an awl.

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