Essence flows throughout the world, the raw stuff of Creation. Spirits and those who take the Second Breath can channel it through their actions to achieve miraculous feats. Those with the talent and the strength of will can shape it to their desires, wielding a power without equal and beyond lesser magics: the power of sorcery.

Here you will find new Charms and Spells with which to arm your characters.

Arcanoi Charm Trees - a visual aid for the Arcanoi (ghost Charms) from Exalted: The Abyssals. (67.9k PDF - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 5.0 or better.)

Lunar Charms and Gifts
Inconspicuous Insect Form - allows your Lunar to change into the smallest of creatures.

The Terrestrial Circle
Revelations of the Frost Mirror - relive the memory of one scene in exact detail. By guybrush.

The Celestial Circle
Army of One - outnumbered? Even up the odds with an army of duplicate warriors. By guybrush.

Hearthstones (see the Hearthstone page)
Too many to list here; see the separate Hearthstones page for a complete list of all the stones on the site. Big thanks to ikselam for both creating these (some time ago) and letting me post them here; you can also find them on the Exalted Wiki.