Lunar Charms and Gifts
Shapeshifters without equal, masters of the arts of war and able to cloud the minds of men with ease, the Lunar's primal Charms stem from their mastery over their own innate ability. Here are some additional Charms for your Lunar characters, as well as additional Gifts to help define your character's Deadly Beastman Transformation war form.

Shapeshifting Charms
Inconspicuous Insect Form
by guybrush

Cost: None
Duration: Indefinite
Type: Special
Minimum Charisma: 3
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Humble Mouse Shape [Lunars, 128]

Knowledge of this Charm allows the Lunar to assume forms smaller than a mouse, but which must be visible to the naked (mortal) eye. Thus, the Lunar may assume the form of a spider, worm or aphid, but not bacteria or other microscopic life-forms (assuming such things exist in Creation). There is no cost to using this Charm's effects - learning this Charm simply enhances the Lunar's shapeshifting ability.

As with other Shapeshifting Charms, Eclipse or Moonshadow Caste Exalted may not learn Inconspicuous Insect Form, as they do not possess the natural shapeshifting powers of the Lunar Exalted.

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