Gemstones of crystalised Essence no larger than an man's fist, grown through the application of geomancy, hearthstones are a symbol of great power, as their owner must either own a manse or be the fast ally of someone who does. Our catalogue is divided according to type and sorted by power level.

Elemental Hearthstones
Hearthstones of Air
Breathless Jewel (Level 1) - Don't hold your breath...without this hearthstone, that is. By ikselam.
Jewel of Spirit's Delight (Level 2) - Fascinate the little gods with this bauble. By ikselam.
Mockingbird Stone (Level 3) - Take someone's voice as your own. By ikselam.
Gem of Ghostly Vapour (Level 4) - Become as intangible as the air. By ikselam.

Hearthstones of Earth
Stone Potato (Level 1) - Never go without starch again. By ikselam.
Sense-Sharing Gem (Level 2) - Better than telepathy, this gem is just like being there. By ikselam.
Lodestone of Extraordinary Puissance (Level 4) - Metal objects are attracted or repulsed. By ikselam.
Gem of Crushing Weight (Level 5) - Make things heavy for your opponents. By ikselam.
Stone of Inviolate Peace (Level 5) - Make parley in complete confidence. By ikselam.

Hearthstones of Fire
Ever-Burning Ember Stone (Level 1) - Keep warm at night. By ikselam.
Gem of Taunting Fury (Level 2) - Be sure your enemies rise to your jibes. By ikselam.
Stone of Purifying Flames (Level 2) - Burn away poison and disease. By ikselam.
Gem of Virtue's Bright Beacon (Level 4) - Ensure success for virtuous actions. By ikselam.
Stone of Inextinguishable Flame (Level 5) - Make sure your enemies burn to the ground. By ikselam.

Hearthstones of Water
Gem of Still Water (Level 1) - Be calm like the ocean on a still day. By ikselam.
Thirsty Traveller's Friend (Level 1) - An everlasting supply of drinking water. By ikselam.
Jewel of the Siren's Call (Level 3) - Captivate your audience. By ikselam.
Stone of the Slippery Snake (Level 3) - Get into those places a normal body can't reach. By ikselam.

Hearthstones of Wood
Gem of Creeping Ivy (Level 1) - Grow your own ladder. By ikselam.
Stone of Forest Speech (Level 2) - Talk to the trees - and have them talk back. By ikselam.
Deft Healer's Stone (Level 3) - Perceive the Essence of living beings. By ikselam.

Celestial Hearthstones
Abyssal Hearthstones
Gemstone of Creeping Rot (Level 3) - Spawn an insidious deadly mould. By ikselam.
Shadow-Sewing Stone (Level 3) - Use the shadows as cloth. By ikselam.
Stone of the Inescapable Oubliette (Level 5) - Capture your enemies body and soul. By ikselam.

Lunar Hearthstones
Cat's Feet Stone (Level 1) - Always land on your feet. By ikselam.
Stone of Startling Reorientation (Level 3) - Decide which way is up - and which is down. By ikselam.
Gem of Mirror Image (Level 4) - Create illusory clones of yourself. By ikselam.
Gemstone of the Unseen Trickster (Level 4) - Become invisible. By ikselam.
Nine-Lives Cat's Eye (Level 5) - Cheat death - nine times. By ikselam.

Sidereal Hearthstones
Gemstone of the Efficacious Scrounge (Level 1) - Find everything you need to scrape by. By ikselam.
Loyal Companion Gem (Level 2) - Put an artifact always at your fingertips. By ikselam.
Jewel of Improbable Escape (Level 4) - No prison can hold you. By ikselam.
Stone of Ten Thousand Doors (Level 5) - In one door - and out another. By ikselam.

Solar Hearthstones
Orb of the Sun's Passage (Level 1) - Always know the time. By guybrush.
Thrifty Merchant's Stone (Level 2) - Never pay too much for anything again. By ikselam.
The Eagle's Eye (Level 4) - See across Creation on a clear day. By ikselam.
Jewel of the Immaculate Heart (Level 5) - Channel your virtues into an extended display of might. By ikselam.

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