Edge of Creation is a repository for resources of all kinds for the Exalted roleplaying game by White Wolf. Edge of Creation also hosts the FAQ for White Wolf's Exalted Forum, maintained by ikselam.

What's New
22 May, 2005
Just a bunch of minor updates at the moment (to the Links page mostly), but watch out for more soon.

4 September, 2004
Yes, after almost a year, it's time for the FAQ 3.0. Includes various updates and additions.
Some excellent new art from Ehecatl Ugalde, who kicks off with a portrait of Masaaki the Zenith Caste Solar.

Call for Art
ikselam and Ehecatl have made some excellent contributions, and hopefully will continue to do so, but there's lots of stuff here on Edge of Creation, and you're more than welcome to illustrate it. If you're interested, please contact Guybrush at guybrush@shaolinpunk.net.

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Copyright White Wolf Publishing, Inc.