Edge of Creation is by no means the only source of Exalted information and goodies on the web. Here are a few of my favourites:

The Exalted Wiki
A Wiki is an editable website, allowing content to be updated and added by visitors to the site quickly and easily. Thanks to the contributions of various online Exalted luminaries (including Edge of Creation staple ikselam), this site is chock-full of useful and quality information. Definitely a recommended visit.

White Wolf Game Studio - Exalted
The company that publishes Exalted. On their site you can find official character sheets, extracts from various books, official eratta, the official FAQs and, of course, the official Exalted forum. It all sounds very official, I know, but still - this should be your starting point.

Alabrax's Exalted Fan Site
Forum heavyweight Alabrax calls this bit of the web home. Among other resources, you'll find details of Alabrax's chronicle, the famous 101 lists, some excellent house rules, Exalted art and, in the character sheets section, my all-time favourite Exalted sheets - the four-page versions by John Tilly. Add the fact that Alabrax updates his blog regularly with the latest Exalted info, and this is definitely a resource you'll use more than once.

Exalted Compendium Redux
Classy and overflowing with content, the Exalted Compendium was the hub of fan activity online outside the official forums, but now it's sadly gone. The Exalted Compendium Redux is a work-in-progress to recreate the Compendium.

The Treasury of Lord Nybraxus
Written by the forum's own JohnBiles, this is a collection of characters and artifacts of excellent quality and originality. If you're after ideas for non-weapon artifacts, or enjoy a little humour in your Exalted game, don't pass this site up.

Ed's Exalted Toolkits
Ed continues to develop and expand a number of PC utilities for creating Exalted characters of all types, as well as a generic Storyteller tool. If you hate fiddling with numbers, or just like funky gaming software, get Ed's Exalted Toolkits.

Garden's Creation
Garden's an Exalted player and Storyteller, and she has put some great stuff on her site including characters, spells, house rules and other resources, including the incredibly useful Combat Examples written by Mailanka for the forum. Enjoy!

Santiago's Exalted Page
Santiago knows his business, and his business is mainly Martial Arts styles. Among many other resources, you'll find some new styles and the Martial Arts quick reference guide, which includes Charm trees for most of the published MA styles and a few fan created ones as well.

Charm Cards (and other Extras)
Unavailable for a time, White Wolf has decided to solve any copyright issues by hosting these indispensible game aids on their own site. Containing the essential information for each Charm, you'll wonder how you lived without these during combat. Three sets are currently available, covering the Charms for Solars, the Dragon-Blooded, and Immaculate Martial Arts.