Exalted is a roleplaying game produced by White Wolf. See their site or the Exalted Forum FAQ for more info on the game itself.

Contributors and Contacts

Guybrush is the Exalted forum handle of Benjamin Evans, an actor, IT support engineer and gamer from Melbourne, Australia. He created, designed and looks after Edge of Creation. Any enquiries, complaints or comments can be sent to him at guybrush@shaolinpunk.net.

Ikselam is the Exalted forum handle of Roger Maleski, who hails from Vermont in the USA and maintains the FAQ for White Wolf's official Exalted forum. Note that the FAQ itself is not official, though the game's developers do read and post on the forum. Questions about Exalted should be posted on the forum, and you can ask questions about the FAQ there too, if you want ikselam to answer them.

Jabberwock is a whimsical yahoo who loves Exalted for the creative outlet it gives him.

OnyxMirror runs the Exalted game in which Guybrush plays Ledaal Kebok Raijuu.