Solar Virtue Flaws
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All Virtue Flaws created by ikselam.


Smothering Overprotection
The character is overcome with concern for the well-being of her friends and loved ones. When her limit breaks, she will do everything she possibly can to make sure that these people remain safe. If the limit break occurs in combat, the character will devote all her efforts to trying to keep her friend unhurt and out of the fight, probably by hurling herself bodily in front of any attacks aimed at that person, and trying to push them to safety. Outside of combat, the limit break lasts for a number of days equal to the character's Compassion, and will involve her treating her friend like a particularly inept and accident-prone child. She will refuse to let the person attempt anything remotely strenuous or "dangerous," and may become very angry if her friend tries to escape her.

Trigger: Someone the character cares for is injured or suffers because of their own actions, or because the character failed to protect them.

Imprudent Infatuation
The character has the unfortunate tendency to become romantically obsessed at the drop of a hat. When the character's limit breaks, he will fall head-over-heels in love with someone whom he considers attractive, and has met under stressful circumstances. The results can range from the merely embarassing, such as spending weeks attempting to court a comely shepherdess rescued from a landslide, to the downright suicidal, such as storming a Deathlord's castle in a desperate attempt to confess undying love to a beautiful deathknight. No matter how unsuitable the object, the character's infatuation knows no bounds. He will be incapable of thinking of anything aside from his beloved, probably spending much of his time composing overwrought poetry and the rest stalking the unfortunate person like a love-struck teenager. He may even go so far as to threaten suicide if anyone tries to deny him his love. The character will come to his senses after a number of days equal to his Compassion score, but until then, not even overt scorn or violence from his beloved will dissuade him.

Trigger: The character witnesses someone attractive in peril or duress (even if the character himself is the cause of that duress).

Unreasoning Suspicion
The character grows to suspect that others are taking advantage of his love for them. When his limit breaks, he will become extremely suspicious of his friends' and loved ones' motives. Even the most innocent gestures of affection will be twisted and construed as proof that his paranoia is justified. He may go so far as to become violent towards his loved ones, or come under the sway of enemies who offer to help him uncover his friends' treachery. This limit break lasts for days equal to Compassion.

Trigger: A friend appears to be keeping secrets or going behind the character's back, or is accused of doing so and cannot offer immediate proof to the contrary.

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Fanatic Focus
The character feels that not enough progress is being made towards a goal she feels is important, and she becomes obsessed with pursuing it. She will neglect all other duties and responsibilities, not to mention trivia like sleeping and eating, in order to make up for lost time, and will become angry or even violent if others try to keep her from her pursuit. The goal which the character pursues need not be world-altering, but it should be something which will be difficult to achieve, and which has personal importance to her. "Liberate my sister's ghost from the clutches of the Silver Prince," "Unmask the Vermilion Highwayman's true identity," or "Prove that I am the most masterful Go player in all of the Blessed Isle" would all be reasonable examples of such a goal. This limit break lasts for a number of days equal to the character's Conviction.

Trigger: People or events conspire to keep the character from pursuing an important goal.

Inescapable Guilt
The character's mind buckles under the weight of her own terrible deeds. When her limit breaks, she will be tormented by hideous visions and ghastly apparitions, trapped inside a mental hell of her own creation. She may see and feel blood dripping from her hands, witness friends' faces tranform into the lifeless masks of slain innocents, or be haunted by the ghostly forms of those she has murdered. This limit break lasts for a number of days equal to the character's Conviction. During this time, she is at a -2 penalty to all actions, and will to all outward appearances be completely insane.

Trigger: The character performs some atrocity, necessary or not. (Killing soldiers in battle doesn't normally count; assassination, or cutting down fleeing or helpless enemies, does.)

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Paralyzing Indecision
The character loses confidence in her own judgment. When her limit breaks, she becomes incapable of making snap decisions, refusing to take any action whatsoever until she has thought things out from every possible angle. In combat, she will stand befuddled, unable to do anything other than defend herself at a -2 penalty. Outside of of combat, her anxiety attack lasts for days equal to Temperance, and will cause her to relentlessly question everything she or her friends do. Even the most straightforward plans will cause her to fret and worry, to the point where she is unable to sleep or hold down food. Even if she manages to shut herself up away from everyone else, she will worry that this is the wrong thing to do, leading her to rejoin the group, only to see that her incessant worry is endangering them, leading her to try and be alone again, and so forth.

Trigger: Something goes wrong because of a decision or plan the character made

Heedless Reconciliation
The character becomes convinced that every problem can be solved by cool, rational discussion. When his limit breaks, he will attempt to compromise with his most dangerous and implacable foes, almost certainly sneaking off to meet with them in secret, and maybe even giving away valuable information or betraying his friends in order to make peace. If his limit breaks in combat, he will immediately stop fighting and will try to get all combatants to lay down their arms and negotiate. He will resort to fighting against his own friends if they seem to not heed his words, and may even surrender to the enemy if they demand it. Outside of combat, the limit break lasts for days equal to Temperance, and will lead the character to place himself willingly into the most transparent of traps, and give away even the most closely-guarded of secrets, as long as the enemy makes even a token attempt at guile.

Trigger: An enemy shows compassion or offers to negotiate ("Surrender or die!" doesn't count; "Surrender and spare yourself further needless suffering!" does.)

Equivocating Introspection
The character becomes unable to simply do things without painstakingly analyzing the philosophical ramifications. He will expound at length, often to no one but himself, on the (frequently obscure and convoluted) reasoning behind his resolve. He will also stall endlessly, refusing to take direct action in favor of waxing introspective. Most likely, he will become sidetracked from anything having to do with his goal, and devote all sorts of energy to exploring topics which seem deeply relevant to him, but pointlessly off-topic to everyone else. Not only is this incredibly annoying, it may cause real trouble if the Circle lets themselves be delayed. This limit break lasts for days equal to Temperance.

Trigger: The character commits himself to a momentous course of action, or one about which he has doubts.

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The character loses confidence in herself, and feels that other people are undervaluing her. When her limit breaks, the character becomes surly and antagonistic, wilfully provoking everyone she meets in an attempt to reclaim her self-esteem. This will always result in the character suffering at least a -2 penalty to all social rolls, as every conversation invariably degenerates into her picking a fight. She will constantly taunt and belittle others, maybe even hauling off and slugging them one if she feels like she's not making any headway (i.e., they don't rise to her baiting). Attempts to placate the character will provoke even more anger, as she will resent being "talked down to" or "treated like a child." Her antagonistic attitude is especially likely to be directed at other members of the character's Circle, as they're readily accessible and are also likely to be the people who make the character feel the most insecure in her powers. This limit break lasts for a number of days equal to Valor.

Trigger: The character suffer a drastic setback, or someone questions or belittles her prowess.

Megalomaniac Ambition
The character becomes convinced that anyone besides her is unfit to lead. She will attempt to undermine the authority of anyone who outranks her, arguing vociferously against any course of action that such an authority figure proposes. She will definitely disobey any direct orders she receives, and will also attempt to foment mutiny amongst her comrades. She may even go so far as to challenge a perceived "leader" to a duel, or even assassinate them outright, in order to seize command herself. This limit break lasts for a number of days equal to the character's Valor score.

Trigger: The character is ordered around, or suffers negative consequences as the result of a command decision made by someone else.

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